Director / Founder


Hi, I'm Giu ( of my real name Patrizia ) . I was born in Switzerland of Italian parents that's why I inherited from this passion for cooking and for the taste of the good things.  

As photographer, my artistic sense, my taste pronounced for the originality and the sense of the detail are going to make the difference through our cooking @GIU & SU


Director / Founder


From my real name Chrystal, Su is my UK nickname also the 2 first letters of my last name and has an important meaning joining with Giu as "GIU & SU"

I was born in Switzerland and I am a traveling addict. 

I am passionate of "painting & creating" i can be named visual Artist and I love to work with recycled objects. The creativity is a second nature and I really love to be creative in the cooking too. So.. Be ready for "new experiences" .